Prototype Programs
Prototype Developement

Evident in an inspired list of successful retail and restaurant clients, the firm offers unique solutions that respond to demands for inspiration in design, functionality in operation and market responsiveness.  Developing strategies for simplifying project complexities, the firm has become particularly adept at focusing on the design of an efficient, quality kitchen at the restaurant’s core and the layout of retail space geared to both merchandising and graphic appeal.  Client brand remains the foundation of all conceptual development, assuring creation of a prototype that is true to the corporate ideal while remaining sufficiently flexible for rollout adaptations.  Responding to green initiatives, both Principals and staff hold LEED AP professional registrations, recognizing the significance of sustainability in thoughtful design and its long-term potential for efficient retail and restaurant operation.


Prototype Management and Rollout
As a recognized leader in prototype management for both retail and restaurant projects, the firm possesses years of experience in taking corporations through the process of national expansion. With architectural licensing throughout the United States as well as several Canadian Provinces, Chipman Design is an unparalleled retail partner in national corporation expansion programs and offers exceptional management and rollout architectural services.